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Michael Johnstone Chance to Shine Educating through Cricket

A Chance to Shine

Chance to shine is the Cricket Foundation’s drive to bring competitive cricket to state schools and provide the educational and social benefits that team sports offer children when played competitively.

Chance to shine is addressing the decline in competitive school cricket. The single biggest sports-development initiative ever undertaken in the UK, Chance to shine will reach one third of all schools in England and Wales over ten years and engage two million young people.

Driven by the desire to enhance the education of young people through cricket Chance to shine, seeks to raise £50 million from both public and private funds and is run by the Cricket Foundation, the charitable arm of the ECB.

The scheme's aim is to regenerate competitive cricket in a third of state schools by 2015, providing high-quality, sustainable cricket programmes based upon continuous coaching, skills awards and competition.

Michael Johnstone is coaching as part of this initiative.